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Business & Commercial

Our business world is a lawsuit waiting to happen.  Are you owed money?  Did a contractor fail to do his/her work in a workmanlike fashion? Did a competing business steal your proprietary trade secrets or customer lists?

Business litigation unfortunately is everywhere today and both sides of a deal or agreement often try to pressure each other as far as they can. I’ve seen it consistently through the years and can often help you resolve your dispute without having to file a lawsuit.  

In my opinion as an experienced attorney, the worst way to solve a business dispute is through litigation. The considerable fees and costs associated with the courtroom hardly ever justify the results.  I believe in solving business disputes by finding common ground between the two sides who both want to gain the benefit of the agreement.  I’m not afraid to pick up the phone and talk to anyone involved if it help’s you win your dispute and avoid the costly process of business litigation.