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Initial Case Assessment

When I meet with you for the first time I will always do my best to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Why is this important? If you are guarded or reserved you’ll hold things back that I may need to know in order to best help you.  I realize for many people, sitting across from an attorney or lawyer can be scary or threatening. Let me assure you in my nearly 40 years of practice I’ve come to realize that the free flow of information is absolutely imperative.  I’ll encourage you to talk, speak freely and not just listen to me talk.  My goal is for you to feel comfortable and provide me with the important facts and/or tools that ultimately will allow me to help you through your predicament.

Please remember also, the decision to hire me as your attorney is yours and only if you are absolutely comfortable in talking with me about your situation. If we agree to work together our relationship will always be one of complete trust.