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Personal Injury

When you or a loved one have been injured as a result of another’s negligent conduct, the law provides that you have certain time honored remedies against the negligent actor.  That said, usually there is an insurance company on the side of what we as lawyers call the “tortfeasor”. Along with this insurance comes the vast, almost unending resources to defend the negligent person or entity that caused your injuries and damages.

I encourage my clients to retain experienced and competent counsel as soon as possible after an incident.  Let me assure you that as soon as the “tortfeasor” reports he/she has been in accident, their massive defense oriented insurance company will go to work doing absolutely everything they can to minimize their ultimate responsibility in making you whole after you have been hurt or suffered other economic damages.

It is your obligation to respond by hiring counsel immediately in order to prosecute and even preserve your claim(s). Know that with every minute that follows your accident, evidence can be compromised or lost. If you are in an accident, contact me or other competent counsel immediately.  Put your case in the hands of professional help and begin to alleviate the stress immediately.