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After speaking to other attorneys regarding our options, I’m eternally grateful for the recommendation to contact Greg Silver. Within our first conversation, it became immediately clear why Greg Silver is the best of the best, and was the right choice for our situation. Greg not only listened with sincerity to our concerns and desired outcome, but he acted with a sense of urgency and priority. Unlike other attorneys we spoke with, Greg put together a thoughtful strategy that ensured the best possible outcome for us while also subsiding the emotional stress any legal activity imposes on a family. It’s because of Greg’s experience and expert knowledge of the legal system we’re now able to put our legal roadblock behind us without a negative impact. It is my pleasure to recommend Greg, and remain confident you will not be disappointed with him as your lawyer. Thank you, Greg.

John C.

I never imagined a probate case would lead to a civil law suit, against me! When it happened, my probate attorney, Stephen E. Cockriel referred me to whom I learned to be a “great” lawyer, Greg Silver. Mr. Silver literally took me under his wing and helped me through a very difficult situation. He and Mr. Cockriel were more like family than a team. The communication level was astounding! As most lawyers are stereotyped for NOT returning calls or messages, Greg Silver breaks the mold. I never had to wait for any information or updates. My case took nearly 2 years to conclude. During that time I always felt confident and sure we had a strong case, no matter the “threats” from the plaintiffs. Thanks to Greg, I have a positive outcome. More importantly though, thanks to the terrific teamwork of Stephen and Greg together, I have a very positive outlook towards lawyers.

Michelle H.

As an opposing attorney, I’ll say only that Greg Silver is an excellent business law attorney who is always a strong advocate for his clients, and yet does so ethically and in a very professional manner.

Mark N.

Despite being on opposite side cases, Attorney Greg Silver has proven to be not only knowledgeable and devoted to the best interests of his client, but very pleasant to deal with, foregoing the blustering and posturing I so often encounter with opposing counsel.

Patti M.
Legal Secretary

My experience with Greg was as positive as it could be considering all things in litigation are frustrating, intimidating and stressful. He was easy to talk to and was accessible pretty much round the clock. He was knowledgeable of the process and honest and up front if he didn’t know the answer to some of my questions. He alleviated a fair amount of stress by keeping me informed of everything in real time and telling me ahead of time what was coming next.

Michael B.
Attorney at Law